Legacy Gift Planning

If you appreciate the work of the Tennessee Clean Water Network (TCWN),  please consider taking some simple gift planning steps so that TCWN can continue to protect clean water in Tennessee for years to come. Please explore the range of options available for supporting TCWN and perhaps realizing significant tax savings benefits or life time income for you and your loved ones while helping TCWN to fulfill its mission into the future.

If you have already included the Tennessee Clean Water Network in your estate plans, please fill out the form below, so we can thank you!

If you have any questions, call or email Renee Hoyos at (865) 522-7007 x 100 or renee@tcwn.org

Put TCWN in your Will

Give a Gift of Stock

Name TCWN beneficiary of your retirement fund

Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Lead Trust

We sincerely thank you for considering TCWN as a place to fulfill your legacy.


Disclosure of Legacy Gift Purpose

The board of directors of the TCWN, staff, and members thank you deeply for your generous gift to ensure Tennessee's rivers and streams are protected for years to come. Please provide the following information for our records and so that we may adequately thank you for your gift. If you have questions, feel free to contact Renée Hoyos at renee@tcwn.org or call 865.522.7007 x100
  • First and Last name
  • I have made a provision for the Tennessee Clean Water Network as follows: